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Initially, your driveway or parking lot will receive a thorough cleaning that includes edging and blowing the debris away.


Cracks will be sealed with a quality hot rubber product to keep out water and prevent further damage. Hot rubber crack sealer is applied at extremely high temperatures to get deep into the crack. As the rubber cools, it solidifies, but stays flexible so it can expand and contract with the thermal movements of the asphalt. Next, seal coating is applied in a 2 coat over spray (using a spray method) over the entire asphalt area with a "rich" flat black coat. (Sealed pavement should never have a shine or appear to be wet.)


The seal coating will seal the porous surface. Once dried (average of 24 hours), it forms a tough, protective layer that protects your pavement investment from the elements and keeps the surface looking new.


Sometimes people are misled into believing seal coating is only for beautification purposes. Professional grade seal coating not only extends the life of your asphalt investment, it makes the surface more resistant to deterioration from gasoline, oil, and chemicals. It also prevents weather-related erosion from natural elements, such as the sun, rain, frost, freezing, and thawing.


We apply multiple coats of professional grade FAA approved seal coating with a spray system, paying careful attention not to get any sealer where it should not be. A favorite analogy is that of spray painting your vehicle; you wouldn't want someone to brush or roll the paint onto your vehicle! Some inferior companies actually brush or squeegee the product onto the asphalt, which in may result in a sub-optimal job in most cases, leaving broom or squeegee marks on your asphalt.

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